Hello - I'm Joe, An Award Winning Industrial Designer & Creative Problem Solver.

Iā€™m passionate not only about designing innovative solutions, but also in perceiving problems ā€“ especially the problems to which we have become habitually oblivious. I particularly enjoy being creative with technology, harnessing it to create new, meaningful products and experiences. And, of course, I also like making things look pretty šŸ‘Œ.

LIGHTFIELD ONE āˆ™ Mobile Volumetric Camera
Client: Mixed Reality sp z o.o
KORUS āˆ™ Wireless Modular Microphones
Red Dot Design Award, Winner 2017
MESH āˆ™ Reception Counter System
Mixology Furniture Product of the Year, Finalist 2014
Client: Solidkit
MERSIV āˆ™ Language Learning Wearable
iF Design Award, Winner 2017
Creative Gallery
(Ongoing Project)
HILT āˆ™ Ecological Toothbrushes
IPdA International Product Design Award, Winner 2019
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