DL01S Smart Door Lock


DL01S transforms your old front door lock to give you keyless entry using your smartphone. No need to replace your existing lock, simply upgrade with the DL01S's retrofittable and easy-to-install design.​​​​​​​
Classic style meets technology
EZVIZ enlisted VanBerlo to create a design that could enable them to successfully enter both the European & Latin American markets and launch their first IoT door lock.
During the COVID19 lockdown, I conducted remote research, getting video of hundreds of door locks from three continents.
I also conducted technical research, looking into mechanical design, installation, and different forms of door locks. 
Initial block modelling was used to work out what form of smart lock was best for EZVIZ, before moving on the develop the aesthetic and UX design for the smart lock.
Concept I — Legacy
Concept II — Orbit
Concept III — Aspect
Concept IV — Conic
Design Refinement
The retrofittable Orbit and Conic concepts were taken forward for further development, starting with 3D printing a prototype to test the ergonomics on a real lock.
Ease of mounting & installation was highly important, which is why this versatile and simple-to-install mounting plate, which requires no drilling, was designed.
I delved into the concept engineering, ensuring there would be easy assembly, space for the required components, as well as ease of use when it came to swapping the batteries.
Keypad UX
The smart lock has the option for an accompanying keypad. This keypad is designed around an LED ring in the EZVIZ brand colours, which reacts to the user's input.
Final Design
The smart lock was launched in 2022 after being showcased at IFA exhibition in Berlin, having won a Red Dot design award in 2021.
"The design of the smart door lock convincingly succeeds in combining advanced technologies and stylish appearance with high security."
Statement from the Red Dot Design Award Jury.
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