Lightfield One


With virtual and mixed reality products becoming ever more popular, the key challenge lies in creating enough high-quality 3D content to populate such virtual worlds.​​​​​​​
Volumetric 3D Camera
The Lightfield One is a volumetric camera that enables its users to easily capture and record content in the form of 3D models & 3D animations.
Lightfield enables capturing of photos and video in 3D for using in augmented and virtual realities.
Defining a Visual Brand Language
My brief was not only to design the Lightfield One camera but also to create a visual brand language direction for the hardware of the Lightfield brand.
Celebrated Functionality
The chosen design language resonated best with the Lightfield One's test users, with exaggerated forms around the camera lenses to both protect and celebrate them.
The design was developed and turned into a looks-like-real prototype, with additional development of handle accessories to provide further functionality.
Partnership Program Launch
The Lightfield One was soft-launched via a partnership program on their website in 2020, where users could sign up to trial prototype versions of the device.
Lightfield Next Generation
To prove the scalability & potential of the Lightfield brand beyond the LF1, an additional modular concept was created showcasing the strength of the design language.
"Thank you so much for the collaboration - I am really happy with the work we did together, everything was high quality, on time and in a nice-productive atmosphere. Thank you!"
Adam Roszyk, Mixed Reality Cloud Inc.
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