Hilt Ecological Toothbrushes


Hilt is a series of toothbrushes with interchangeable bristles enabling users to reduce their plastic waste.
Concept Development
The idea went through a short but thorough development process, starting with initial sketching and mapping out how the service could work, to 3D printing prototypes.
Users can purchase Hilt handles separately, or receive them as part of a starter bundle when joining the Hilt subscription service.
Users can subscribe to Hilt, set up their preferences, and receive their replacement bristles in the mail.
Hilt Club points are earned for using Hilt's eco-services and can be used to unlock rewards.​​​​​​​
There are 5 different Hilt handle options to choose from, all with eco-friendly merits.
"UNI International Product Design Award 2019. Wellness category winner."
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