Mersiv utilises a camera & microphone to identify and tailor unique micro language lessons directly relevant to the user in that moment, transforming the world around the into an immersive language lesson.
Mersiv was carefully developed with numerous iterations before the final design was reached.
Mersiv's pendant-like design perfectly positions it to accurately an unobtrusively capture images from the user's point of view.
Mersiv's 140° wide angle lens periodically captures images, which Mersiv uses to generate personalised micro language lessons, afterwards the image is automatically erased. 
A built-in microphone allows Mersiv to listen, enabling the user to interact with the device through speech. It also identifies words and sounds to help tailor the personalised micro-lessons.
Micro language lessons are transmitted to the user through Mersiv's earbud, which is vented to avoid noise cancellation and allow for prolonged usage.
Mersiv connects to your phone via Low Energy Bluetooth. It utilises the phone's processor to analyse the images used in the generating the personalised micro language lessons.
The Mersiv app allows users to swap between passive and interactive modes, control difficulty & immersion levels, as well as review their progress. 
The charging base also has is own built in battery, so it can be used as a portable power pack to charge Mersiv when you're out and about.
Designed to work on-the-go, Mersiv's weighted lens always remains pointing forwards, perfect is you're walking about and using Mersiv.
Check out what it might be like to use Mersiv by watching the below video.

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