Mersiv Language Learning Wearable


Mersiv is a concept designed to revolutionise the way we learn languages by mimicking the way we learn languages as infants.
AI Language Learning
By identifying sights and sounds around it, Mersiv tailors micro-language lessons to the user's own life, allowing for contextual learning.
Design Development
MeMersiv went through a number of different concepts before landing on the pendant design, starting life as an earbud.
A wide-angle camera in the center of the pendant identifies objects to which the user's phone generates the lesson, which is delivered via the earbuds.
The Mersiv experience can be tracked, controlled, and personalised via the Mersiv mobile app.
A built-in microphone enables the user to interact with the device, which simply charges on a wireless dock.
Final Design
The final design was the winner of the IF Design Award in the professional concept category, also being featured in the Smithsonian, Core77, and Yanko Design.
"Mersiv immerses language-learners in their tongue of choice."
Statement from the Smithsonian Magazine.
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