Wireframe Wall Art Speakers


A collection of wall mounted speakers that blend art with technology. Utilising low-profile speaker drivers to deliver the highest quality audio within a slim, picture frame profile.
Inspiration & Exploration
Pin & thread style art gives these speakers their unique appearance, with overlapping threads woven in geometric shapes.
I experimented with this form of art, seeing what patterns are possible using the circular speaker drivers as a basis to start the pattern.
Inside the speaker there are two low-profile drivers from Dayton audio, to produce a well-rounded sound.
App UI Design
To avoid buttons on the speakers themselves, it is designed to be controlled by the companion app. The app enables users to group their speakers in 'walls' and tailor their audio output using the equaliser feature.
The internal design has been created to ensure easy cable management, and to utilise the space as efficiently as possible to maintain a slim wall profile.
"A beautiful design, elegantly done."
Comment from a Bill Stephens, Director of Product Development at LeMond Bicycles.
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