Korus Wireless Microphones


Recording music often requires a large amount of equipment, and recording each instrument separately can be a challenge. This is the problem Korus microphones solve.​​​​​​​
Modular Design
Every Korus microphone begins with a core module. This module houses the dynamic microphone and has two connection points, allowing it to connect to an array of different stands, clips, and covers.
Development began with rough sketches to work out how to make the microphone work with as many instruments as possible before refining the design.
Here are a few examples of how Korus microphones can be configured differently to perfectly tailor to the needs of the user and instrument.
Digital Design
When paired with the digital application, the Korus microphones become a complete recording studio that fits in your bag.
Packaging Design
Inserted into sound-absorbent acoustic foam, the KORUS packaging can be reused to improve the environment of your recording studio.
Wireless Without Latency
The Korus wireless receiver ensures multiple microphones can transmit to the Korus digital application without latency.
The design was the winner of the Red Dot Award in the professional concept category, as well as being featured on Core77 and Yanko Design.
"I didn’t realize what a game-changer the Korus Microphone could be until I saw it."
Statement from Yanko Design.
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