Consumerism by Design

A Study of its Development in Post-World War One America (2015)

Figure A: A propaganda poster used during the First World War (US Navy, 1918)
Figure B: (Hammer Motor Company, 1905)
Figure C: (Ford Motor Company, 1967)
Figure D: Images from the Touches of Freedom marketing campaign (American Tobacco Company, 1929)
Figure E: A pencil sharpener designed by Raymond Loewy. (Estate of Raymond Loewy, 1933)
Figure F: Old Coldspot Refrigerator (Sears Archives, 1931)
Figure G: Loewy’s Coldspot Design (Sears, Roebuck & Company, 1935)
Figure H: Buick Y-Job, The world’s first ‘concept car’ (Old Concept Cars, 2013)
Figure I: Dreyfuss on the cover of Forbes Magazine (The Genius of Design, Designs for Living, 2010)
Figure J: Dreyfuss’ Anthropometric figures, Joseph & Josephine (Henry Dreyfuss Associates, 1974)
Figure K: The Western Electric Model 302 Figure (Lovine, 2012)
Figure L: A 302 Colour Range Advertisement (Western Electric, 1949)
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